Saturday, December 12, 2009

2010 Historical Fiction Challenge

I have a lot of Historical Fiction on my shelves, and while I love the genre it seems to get constantly put aside. Hopefully this challenge, hosted by Royal Reviews, will help with that. The challenge guidelines are listed at Royal Reviews and I am signing up at the Addicted level which is reading 12 HF books.

I am also participating in a HF Challenge at Paperback Swap and will use the categories of that challenge to pick my 12 HF books.

R U Kidding Me? (historical fantasy or alternate history) -
Where Dat At (north of the equator) -
Pagan Past (before the Common Era) -
Whodunit (historical mystery) - Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander (review)
Birthday Book (published during the year of your birth) -
Habla Espanol? (takes place in Mexico or South America) -
Roots (country of your ancestors) -
Read a Winner (from ALA’s annual Reading List) -
15 Minutes of Fame (biographical novel) -
Continuing Saga (second or any subsequent book in a series) -
Bonus - Color Me (color in the title or in the author’s name) - The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
Alternate Category (your choice) -


Mark A. Swallow said...

Thanks for introducing me to this historical fiction challenge. HF is a genre I am starting to get interested in, and accepting this challenge might be a good way for me to really get going.

Keep me posted on what books you're reading as part of this.


Darlene said...

Good luck Melissa. I'm doing this one as well. I'm like you- I have a pile of HF books on my shelf but don't seem to get around to them. I hope to change that this year.