Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

I am fascinated by tattoos, so I can't resist a memoir about a tattoo parlor!

Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories, and My Life in Ink by Jeff Johnson
Will be released July 14, 2009

In this sharp, funny, and fascinating memoir, Johnson takes readers backstage at the Sea Tramp, Portland Oregon’s oldest tattoo parlor, where art, drama, and commerce come together in highly entertaining theater. Founded by the legendary Bert Grimm, tattoo artist to Buffalo Bill and Bonnie and Clyde, it’s an old-school street shop with a rich and colorful past.


Passages to the Past said...

Two things - that book looks like a lot of fun, I love tattoos and the stories behind them! Second thing, I stole your Share button! Been looking around for it, so thanks!

Melissa said...

Amy: I think the stories behind tats are always so interesting. Glad the button worked for you!

Kerri said...

This looks like a great book. I always try and catch reality shows on tattoos for the same reason, people's stories behind getting tattoos are fascinating. My sister's and I have had many a great debates about women and tattoos. I'll have to pass this along to them as well. Thanks.

Cindy said...

How interesting!