Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Teaser

Tuesday Teaser is hosted by Should Be Reading and asks you to...
1. Grab your current read.
2. Let the book fall open to a random page.
3. Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page. You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!
4. Please avoid spoilers!

Today's teaser:

"Be quiet," Lucas said. He peered through the door window past the secretary's desk into the waiting area. He couldn't see anybody. "Is she nuts?"

Today's teaser is from Invisible Prey by John Sandford. This is one of my favorite series, but one I hadn't gotten behind on. After I finish this one, I think I am only one book behind.


Sandy Nawrot said...

I read these with religious zeal. I never remember which type of prey I'm on however. I cannot remember the plot to invisible. I just finished his latest, but for the life of me I don't remember which prey that was either! I just know I love them!

Literary Feline said...

I haven't yet tried this series, but someday I would like to.

One of the things I'm always tempted to do with these teasers is create my own story to them. :-)