Thursday, December 18, 2008

Booking Through Thursday...Generosity

Today's Booking Through Thursday asks...Do you give books as gifts? To everyone? Or only to select people? How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

I love to give books as gifts! It seems that most people don't read much anymore and I hope that by giving books as gifts I get others hooked on reading. I do try to tailor my gifts to the recipients reading tastes, and not just buy them books I liked. I especially love to give new parents some of my favorite children's books. If I know that someone doesn't read at all I do refrain from giving them books, as I know they won't be appreciated.

I love for people to buy me books, but I acknowledge that it would hard for others to surprise me with a book. I have so many that I own but haven't read (over 700) that sometimes even I forget what I have! If there is a book I want as a gift I usually ask for it specifically.

Who do you buy books for?


SmilingSally said...

I like the idea of giving babies books.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

over 700 books that you haven't read?!? I'll remember you when I'm feeling that my TBR piles are overwhelming!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Like you, I give the gift of books to anyone and everyone. I love to receive them too. Sometimes, I will put books on my birthday or Xmas list, but my husband sometimes will just pop up with one for me that he has read about and thinks I will enjoy. I love the surprises!

P.S. 700 books on your TBR shelf??? Wow.

Melissa said...

I honestly don't know how many TBR read books I have...I was mostly going off my LT tag which is at 670something, and isn't up to date. I have 3 full bookcases, double stacked on each shelf, of books I haven't read. Now you all know why my husband cringes each time a new book shows up!