Monday, November 24, 2008

Island of Lost Girls by Jennifer McMahon

While parked at a gas station, Rhonda sees something so incongruously surreal that at first she hardly recognizes it as a crime in progress. She watches, unmoving, as someone dressed in a rabbit costume kidnaps a young girl. Devastated over having done nothing, Rhonda join the investigation. But the closer she comes to identifying the abductor, the nearer she gets to the troubling truth about another missing child: her best friend, Lizzy, who vanished years before.

This story is told in the present with Rhonda flashing back to her childhood throughout the story. The flashbacks are well done, with each chapter being marked by the date. This helps keep any confusion to a minimum.

For the most part, I liked the characters. Rhonda was someone you could relate too especially. Tock, however, seemed a little strange to me. She played a minor role, but she still came across as kind of unfinished to me. The relationships between the characters are important and it took me a bit to straighten out which characters were married.

I enjoyed this McMahon book more than Promise Not To Tell. I don't really get into ghosts and paranormal things, and this one didn't include any of that. The Island of Lost Girls story line had some predictable elements, but also had parts that had me guessing right up to the end. Overall, a very enjoyable read. 3.5 stars

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