Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

It has been ten years since twenty-one-year-old Charles MacKenzie Jr. ("Mack") went missing. A Columbia University senior, about to graduate and already accepted at Duke University Law School, he walked out of his apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side without a word to his college roommates and has never been seen again. However, he does make one ritual phone call to his mother every year: on Mother's Day. Each time, he assures her he is fine, refuses to answer her frantic questions, then hangs up. Even the death of his father, a corporate lawyer, in the tragedy of 9/11 does not bring him home or break the pattern of his calls.

Mack's sister, Carolyn, is now twenty-six, a law school graduate, and has just finished her clerkship for a civil court judge in Manhattan. She has endured two family tragedies, yet she realizes that she will never be able to have closure and get on with her life until she finds her brother. She resolves to discover what happened to Mack and why he has found it necessary to hide from them.

Where Are You Now? is a fairly predictable mystery. And while Clark's work is comforting in its predictability, her recent books haven't thrilled me. They aren't bad, they're just not great either. But, even still, sometimes it's nice to curl up with a book that you know will be a quick read and a decent mystery. 3 stars


Lori's Reading Corner said...

I've thought the same things about her books lately.

Allison said...

I agree too, her books use to be my favorite, but the last few haven't been anything new. I still enjoy them as an easy, fast read though!
I tagged you on my blog, hope that is ok..don't know alot of people that have blogs..and your in the Early review book thought I would share!! :-)