Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playing with the Grown-ups by Sophie Dahl

For Kitty, growing up at Hay House amongst bluebell woods and doting relations is heaven. But for her mother, the restless Marina, a bohemian beauty who paints and weeps with alacrity, this comfortable domesticity cannot provide the novelty and excitement she craves. Marina is utterly beguiling, but more often than not Kitty can only gaze on her antics with awe and toe-curling trepidation.
When Swami-ji, Marina’s Guru, sees Marina’s future in New York, the family relocates, leaving Kitty exiled in a colorless boarding school. Reprieve comes in the form of the Guru’s summons to the ashram; but then, just as Kitty is approaching enlightenment, she and Marina are off again, leaving for an England that is now fast and unfamiliar. This time no god, man, or martini can staunch Marina’s hunger for a happiness that proves all too elusive. And Kitty, turning fifteen, must choose: whether to play dangerous games with the grown-ups or begin to put herself first.

Sophie Dahl's debut book had loads of promise, but didn't quite live up to my expectations. The quirky characters were fun, and the writing, at times, was absolutely wonderful. Other times, though, the writing seemed very choppy as if parts were missing as we moved from scene to scene. Overall, still an enjoyable book and an author to follow. 3.5 stars

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