Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Leaving Before It's Over by Jean Reynolds Page

Book Info:
Leaving Before It's Over by Jean Reynolds Page
Author Extras: Website
Publisher: Harper Collins, 2010
Source: TLC Book Tours, Publisher
Rating: 4.5/5

Summary From the Publisher:

When Roy Vines married his wife, Rosalind, he traded his family and his inheritance for love—a painful choice that has blessed them with years of joy nestled in rural North Carolina with their beautiful daughters, sixteen-year-old Lola and little Janie Ray.

But their happiness is threatened when Rosalind suddenly falls ill. Desperate to get her the help she needs, Roy does the one thing he swore he'd never do—turn to his heartless and bitter identical twin brother, Mont, for help.


This is the third book I've read by Jean Reynolds Page, and I like each one even more than the last.  This last one has convinced me that, without a doubt, that I need to read the last two books in her backlist.

Page's characters are so very vivid.  Even if they are people I wouldn't normally hang out with, I couldn't help but be drawn to them. Roy is a solid and likeable man.  Lola and Luke are typical kids.  They may make mistakes, but are ultimately good kids, and I couldn't help but wish them the best.  The Vines family, as a whole is stand-offish and cold, but they are still characters that most people can understand. I loved how I could see the situation from many different perspectives and that

I also love the family dynamics in this book. I think a slightly dysfunctional family is something that everyone relates to on some level, and that gives the story a very accessible quality.  If characters and families are too perfect they are hard to swallow, but the Vines family isn't that way at all.  There are those in the family that are easy to dislike, and those who I changed my mind about by the end of the book. In so many books either the plot or the characters stand out, and in Page's books they are both able to hold their own equally.  4.5 stars, very good +
About Jean Reynolds Page

Jean Reynolds Page is the author of The Last Summer of Her Other Life, The Space Between Before and After, A Blessed Event, and Accidental Happiness. She grew up in North Carolina and graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was a dance critic for more than ten years before turning full-time to fiction in 2001. In addition to North Carolina, she has lived in New York, Boston, Dallas, and Seattle. She and her family recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

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Sandy Nawrot said...

I have never heard of this author, but I take your recommendations seriously because you are not easily pleased. I generally am tired of family drama, but with the right author I am still sucked in. I'll have to keep her in mind.

Zibilee said...

It sounds like this book is a little more complex than most of the family dramas making the rounds right about now, so I will be looking for it. I am so glad that you discovered that you are so crazy about this author's writing. It's cool to know that there is more waiting for you!!

Booksnyc said...

This is the first book I have ready by the author and I liked it. I agree that the dyfunctional family aspect is one many can relate to!

Jenny said...

Ooh I didn't realize she had a new book coming out!! I read A Blessed Event and The Space Between Before and After and really liked both! I've been meaning to read that last one but I'll have to add this to the list too!

Heather J. @ TLC Books said...

I love it when an author continues to impress me, book after book - it certainly sounds like that was the case for you with this one! Thanks so much for being a part of the tour - I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the book as much as you did.