Monday, May 18, 2009

Review: Invisible Prey by John Sandford

Book Info:
Invisible Prey by John Sandford
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Berkley (April 29, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0425221156
Genre: Mystery
Rating 4/5

In the richest neighbourhood of Minneapolis, two elderly women lie murdered in their home, killed with a pipe, the rooms ransacked, only small items stolen. It's clearly a random break-in by someone looking for money to buy drugs. But as he looks more closely, Davenport begins to wonder if the items are actually so small or the victims so random, if there might not be some invisible agenda at work here. Gradually, a pattern begins to emerge – and it will lead Davenport to somewhere he never expected. Which is too bad, because the killers – and yes, there is more than one of them – the killers are expecting him.

This is one of my favorite series, and one I am sad to be behind on. I enjoyed the book, but I didn't think Davenport came across quite as likeable as he usually does. He police work and logic were entertaining as always, but there didn't seem to be as much personal information in this book as there usually is. Letty, Weather and his son, whose name escapes me, only made the briefest of appearances. This worked fine for me as I am hooked on the series, but I don't know that this book would be the best one for someone new to the series to start on. But, then again, I'm a stickler for reading things in order anyways.

Antiques of all kinds made an appearance in the book, and as I don't know much about them, it was interesting to get a small introduction into the world of collecting. I also found the villains in the book to be quite entertaining. 4 stars


Cindy said...

Sounds interesting, awesome review :)

Sandy Nawrot said...

I have probably made the same comments on earlier reviews of this series, but they are one of my favorite. At this point, they all smush together to the point where I can't remember which Prey I've read and which I haven't. I think I am all caught up, save the one that just came out. I believe I listened to Invisible Prey on audio, if I'm not mistaken. Sometimes Davenport is on, and sometimes he's muted, but I love him nevertheless!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I see Precious is next up on your list. I might have to buy that one as none of the libraries have it, and i have a gift card :) Hope u enjoy it!

Melissa said...

Sandy: At this point the story lines all run together for me too, but I still love the series!

Zibilee said...

Which is the first book in this series? They sound interesting, I might like to give them a try.

Melissa said...

Zibilee: The first one in the series is Rules of Prey, which was published in 1989. I didn't realize the series had been around for that long!